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Maria Mora Interiors is a full-service design firm based in Miami, Florida. A South Florida graduate of Miami International University of Art and Design, Maria's love for interiors have led her to work and collaborate with top interior designers in the industry. Maria's projects are based on attention to detail to deliver the highest quality design at the lowest possible cost. 

Maria provides a suite of services including interior design, construction management, and sourcing  of both furniture and décor. Her design ensures a vision for each space that is innovative yet inspired by timeless spaces that withstand the test of time. 


Maria is committed to spending time with you, discovering your unique style and helping create the perfect space. We love working with people who have a vision of how they want their space to feel and want a little help along the way. 


What we love to help you design

At the Office
Office spaces
& Workspaces

Breathe new life into your business by updating your office space. We can help you design a custom workspace in your office that is beautiful, comfortable, and productive for your employees.


Our focus is to transform your office into an innovative workspace where team members want to work. Gone are the days of boring, traditional office spaces and furniture. Contemporary offices require flexible workspaces that can be modified as needed.

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& Living

Maria offers home interior design services to help you achieve your vision for your home. The process includes consideration of aesthetics and practicality, budget concerns, and scope of work.​


Maria takes pride in our craftsmanship and grasp of styles, trends, and personal taste that make for the perfect space for you. Our focus is to bring your home up to your standards and vision.


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